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 The flux site of Mountain gongga is located in upper Yangtze river, the transition band of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau east and west (29°34′34″N,101°59′54″E),with an average altitude of 2948 m . It belongs to Chinese National Ecosystem Observation and Research Network (CERN) and National ecosystem observation research network. Mountain gongga site is a forest ecosystem observation station, it represent the typical dark coniferous ecosystem in the east and southwest Qinghai-Tibet Plateau


 The climate of Mountain Gongga Site belongs to transitional climate of sub-tropical monsoon climate and temperate climate of high-cold zone and the climate characteristics are complexity and transitional. The average annual temperature over this area is 4.2℃, the relative humidity is 90%,the annual precipitation is 1942 mm and the rain days is 261d, 62% rainfall events are happened during night.

Vegetation and soil

 Mountain Gongga Site belongs to forest eco-station. The vegetation is mainly contains of broadleaved forest and dark coniferous forest with significant characteristic of vertical zonality. The pure broadleaved forest distributed the elevation of below 2500 m, the mixed broadleaf –conifer forest distributed between 2500-2800 m and above 2800 m is controlled by dark coniferous forest. Because of the coefficient of climate and landform, the soil type present vertical zonality characteristic ,too. The type of soil at an altitude of 3000 m is dominated by mountain dark brown soil with high pH and strong eluviations.

Observation system

 Mountain Gongga Site setup with 5 OPEC system and conventional meteorological sounding system. The equipment of the flux observation system composed of CSAT3 three-dimensional sonic anemometer (Campbell Scientific, Inc., USA) and LI-7500 CO2/H2O infrared gas analyzer (Li-cor, Inc., USA). At the same time, this site also equipped with soil temperature sensor and chamber methods system to measure soil CO2、CH4 and N2O emission .

Principal Investigator

Genxu Wang


Station director

.Genxu Wang     prossor

Assistant station director



Xiangyang Sun    Assistant professor



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