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Dabie Mountain Forest Ecosystem Flux Observation Base is affiliated with School of Geography and Information Engineering, China University of Geosciences. The station locates at Lord Temple, Thin Knife Peak Scenic Area, Hubei Dabieshan National Nature Reserve ( 31°07′21″N,115°35′41″E,asl 1050m ). The vegetation type of the underlying surface of the flux tower is Mainly coniferous forest, mixed with broad-leaved forest.


It is the subtropical continental monsoon climate in the Dabie Mountains, with sufficient sunshine, abundant rainfall, simultaneous water and heat, and four distinct seasons.

The annual average temperature is 12.5 ℃, the annual precipitation is 1832.8 millimeters; the highest temperature is 37.1 ℃, and the lowest temperature is -16.7 ℃, and frost-free period is 179-190 days. Frequent weather events such as Cold wave, strong wind, meteorological drought, high temperature, and heat damage occur.

Vegetation and soil

Mainly coniferous forest, mixed with broad-leaved forest, dominated by metasequoia, Pinus taiwanensis and Pinus massoniana. The canopy height is approximately 10-15 m.Sandy soil and soil weathered from adamellite.

Observation system

LI-7500DS Open Circuit CO2/H2O Analyzer, Gill Series 3D Ultrasonic Anemometer, SmartFlux Real-Time Online Flux Calculation Module, Biomet Biometeorological Parameter Measurement System,All-weather Vegetation Fluorescence Observation System, Infrared Furface Temperature Observation System, Continuous Plant Growth Rhythm Monitoring System, Environmental CO2 Concentration Monitor.Height of flux tower: 35m; ultrasonic anemometer and infrared analyzer installation height: 29 meters; Conventional weather (temperature and humidity, radiation) installation height: 27 meters. Data sampling frequency of 10Hz, flux averaging time of 30min.

Principal Investigator

Shaoqiang Wang     E-mail:


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Weihua Lin

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