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 The flux obsrevation site of Qianyanzhou planted coniferous forest is located in Taihe county,Jiangxi province(26°44′29.1″ N, 115°04′29.2″ E).It belongs to Chinese Ecosystem Research Network(CERN).The average altitude of this region is 100 m,with an relative height difference of 20~50 m.The site is located on the typical hilly red soil region in the mid-subtropical monsoon landscape zone of South China.


 The climate of this area is typical sub-tropical monsoon climate.The mean annual air temperature over this area is 18.6 ℃,and the active accumluated temperature above 0℃and 10 ℃ are 6523 ℃ and 6015 ℃,resoectively.Mean annual precipitation is 1488.8mm,and evaporation is 1110.3 mm.With a mean annual sunshine duration of 1785 h,the percentage of sunshine is 44%.Mean annual global radition is 4349 MJ/m2.Mean annual froest-free period is 323 d.

Vegetation and soil

 The vegetation is planted coniferous forest, which was planted in 1983.The dominant species are Pinus elliottii,Pinus massoniana,Cunninghamia lanceolata and Schima superba etc.The measured mean stumpage height,dianeter at breast height, and density of Pinus elliottii forest in 1999 were 10.1 m,15.6 cm,1736 stems/ hm,respecitively.Because of high closure of canopy, the vegetation under canopy is poorly developed and distributed sporadically,in cluding Phlomis umbrosa,Glochidion wilsonii,Arundinella setosa,Eulalia speciosa and some shrub,such as Lespedeza Formosa Rhododendron simsii.The soil over this region is typical red soil.

Observation system

 A 42 m-height flux observation tower is built at Qianyanzhou site .The OPEC system,CPEC system, 7-level routine meteorological measurement system ,7-level CO2 profiling system and SLS system are fixed on the tower at different heights.Meanwhile,chamber system is also used to measure the diurnal and seasonal variation of CO2,CH4 and N2O emission from the soil.besides eddy cvariance flux measurement many other ecological measurement,many other ecological measurement are also made at Qianyanzhou site,including fluxes of water vapor and heat of canopy in the small watershed, soil respiration and plant photosynthetic rate,dynamic change of plant growth and community structure.

Principal Investigator

 Huimin Wang


Station director

.Huimin Wang

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.Xiaoli Fu



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