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 The observation sites of Baotianman tooth oak forest ecosystem is located in Baotianman Nature Reserve in Neixiang county, Henan province. Its geographic coordinate is 33°25′-- 33°33′N, 111°53′-- 112°E, with total area of 200 km2 . The altitude of the highest mountain, Mountain Baotianman, is 1830 m. This site built in 2008 and began observation at June 2009 and affiliated to Institute of forest ecology environment and protection, CAF. The geographic coordinate of flux tower is 33°29′59″N,111°56′07″E,with altitude of 1410.7 m.


 The climate of this area is temperate continental climate typically because of its special position which belongs to the transitional zone of sub-tropical and temperate. This area has four distinct seasons with mean annual global radiation of 25.91 KJ/cm2 and 80% percent of the year could reach above 25 US/cm2 with a difference among months. The mean annual sunshine duration is 1934.3 h,the sunshine percent is 40%. The average annual temperature is 15.1℃ with frost-free day of 160 d in high zone and 227 d in low station. The mean annual precipitation is 855.6 mm and annual evaporation is 991.6mm.

Vegetation and soil


Observation system

 A-36 height flux observation tower is built at Baotianman site. The OPEC system, which consist of WindMaster sonic anemometer and LI-7500 CO2/H2O infrared gas analyzer, and routine meteorological measuring system are fixed on the tower at different height. Besides eddy covariance flux measurement ,many other ecological measurement are also made at Baotianman site, such as soil respiration.

Principal Investigator

Shirong Liu


Station director

. Pengsen Sun

Assistant station director



. Xiaojing Liu



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