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 Xishuangbanna flux observation site is located in xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest Ecology Station (21°10′~22°40′N,99°55′~101°50′E),which belongs to China National Ecosystem Observation and Research Network (CERN).It is in the Nationak Nature Reserve,in Menglun Towen,Menglun County,Xishuangbanna Autonomous Prefecture.The flux observation site lies in a small basin surrounded by low mountain s and hills, with many small streams.


 This area is controlled by tropical monsoon climate ,with an alternation of foggy-cool, dry -hot and rainy seasons without frost.Mean annual sunshine duration is 1859 h and mean annual air temperature is 21.5℃,while accoumlated temperature above 10 ℃ and 18℃ is 7959℃ and 6638 ℃,rrspectively.Mean annual precipitiation is 1493 mm,more than 80% occuring in rainy season .Mean annual relative humindity is 85%.Foggy day here is so common that it becomes particular phenomena of weather,and mean annual foggy day is 186 d.  

Vegetation and soil

 The typical vegetation in this area is represented by tropical seasonal rain forest with an average canopy height over 35 m and a complicated canopy structure of several layers.The upper canopy is dominated by Pometia tomentosa and Terminalia myriocarpa.The mid -canopy layer is 16-30 m high,composed of Barringtonia macrostachya,Gironniera subaequalis and mitrephora maingayi,etc.The lower story is below 16 m, including Garcinia coeal, Knema erratica,Ardisia tenera,Mezzettiopsis creaghii and Dichapetalum gelonioides etc.Besides saplings and seedlings of upper canopy trees, shrubs are abundant with heavy foliage in the understory ,e.g.Saprosma ternatum,Morinda angustifolia and epiphyte are also very abundant.The soil type is lateratic and red lateratic soil.

Observation system

 The location of the 70 m high observation tower is 21°57′N,101°12′E,with an altitude of 756 m.7level rutine meteorological measurement system and two levels of OPEC system are fixed on the tower above and below the canopy.Meanwhile ,chamber measurement system is also used to measure the greenhouse gases as CO2,CH4 and N2O emissions from the soil.

Principal Investigator

 Yiping Zhang


Station director

Yiping Zhang

Assistant station director



.Xiaobao Deng         Yun Deng

Qinghai Song           Wenjun Zhou

Yuntong Liu



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