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Liudaoling Transition zone between sea and land flux Observation Station is affiliated with Hainan Meteorological Service. The station locates at Liudaoling, Sanya City ( 19°14′00″N,109°26′00″E,asl 500m ). The vegetation type of the underlying surface of the flux tower is tropical deciduous shrub forest.


Tropical oceanic monsoon climate.

The annual average temperature is 23 ℃, and the annual precipitation is 1717.7 millimeters; The highest temperature is 33.4 ℃, and the lowest temperature is 5.6 ℃.Frequent weather events such as rainstorm, typhoon, drought, and severe convection occur.

Vegetation and soil

Tropical deciduous shrub forest, mainly composed of shrubs and small trees. The canopy height is approximately 1.5-2 m.

Observation system

The equipment of the flux observation system includes a CSAT3A ultrasonic anemometer (Campbell, USA) and a CPEC310 (Campbell, USA) infrared gas analyzer. The flux tower has a height of 100 meters, with the ultrasonic anemometer and infrared analyzer installed at a height of 50 meters and conventional meteorological instruments installed at heights of 10 and 30 meters. Flux observation began in November 2022, with a data sampling frequency of 10Hz and an averaging time of 30 minutes for flux measurements.

Principal Investigator

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