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The Zoige Wetland Research Station is located in Hongyuan County, Aba Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province (Coordinate: 32°58' 04.41"N, 102°36' 59.68"E),with an elevation of 3465m a.s.l. The station represents sub-alpine meadow and peatland.


The region belongs to cold-temperate monsoon climate, with an annual mean air temperature of 1.4℃ and an annual precipitation of 749.1mm.

Vegetation and soil

The dominant plants are species of Cyperus, Gramineae, and shrubs. Soil types include sub-alpine meadow soil, bog soil and peat soil.

Observation system

Meteorological station, open-path eddy covariance system, chamber system for GHG fluxes monitoring.

Principal Investigator

Huai Chen


Station director

.Huai Chen            Professor

Assistant station director



 Dan Zhu            Assoc.Professor

 Yixin He             Assoc.Professor

 Chuan Zhao       Assoc.Professor

Jianliang Liu       Assoc.Professor



International Cooperation

Carbon assessment and ecosystem management of peatlands in the Himalayan region under climate change.         (Hai Chen    2014-2016)


100 Talents Program-CAS.         (Hai Chen     2015-2017 )


The effects of predators on greenhouse gas flux in alpine meadow ecosystem       (Chuan Zhao     2015-2017)

Low atmospheric pressure as a driver of methane ebullition from alpine laks      (Dan Zhu   2013-2015 )




We launched several research projects to observe different aspects of meadow conservation and management. In site 1, various ways of sustainably utilizing meadow is conducted, including selecting combinations of various native plant species under different management strategies, successful combinations of which would then be introduced in a wider geographical area for multiple objectives such as restoration of degraded meadow, high altitude pasture management, etc. Site 2 demonstrates monitoring of carbon and nitrogen cycling under contemporary climatic conditions as well as simulated climate scenarios. This would have implications for enhancing carbon sequestration and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from peatlands, while optimizing peatland management as an effective approach for climate change mitigation



Site view


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