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 Bayinbulukalpine wetland carbon flux research station is located in the Buyinbuluk grassland of Bayinguoleng Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.The geographic coordinates are 42°53′25″N 83°44′43″ Eanditsaltitude is 2470 meters above sea level.Belonging to the Institute of geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, based on Bayinbuluke grassland ecosystem research station , Chinese Academy of Sciences.The station is provided with an eddy flux tower, two automatic soil respiration observation systems, six static chambers and a small weather station.This station mainly observes and studies the exchange characteristics and rules of CO2/H2O and CH4 between the ground and gas in the alpine wetland. The vegetation in the flux footprint area is the alpine wetland meadow.


 Bayinbuluk station is a typical alpine climate, the extreme maximum temperature is 30.5, the extreme minimum temperature is -48and average temperature is -4.8. Besides, the average annual rainfall is 276.2mm, and average annual sunshine time is 2466-2616h,no absolute frost free period.

Vegetation and soil

 Its vegetation is dominated by Stipa purpurea and tall fescue (Festucaovin) as well as some grasses, such as Bluegrass (Poapratensis) etc. The vegetation on the underlying surface of the flux tower is Stipa purpurea . The soil is sub alpine grassland soil. The groundwater depth is about 0.5-1m, and the mineralization degree is 1.54g/l.The soil total phosphorus in 0-5cm depth is about 0.8g/kg, the soil total nitrogen is 3-5g/kg, and the content of organic carbon is 60-80g/kg.

Observation system

 The flux observation system consists of WindMaster (Pro) three dimensional ultrasonic anemometer (Gill, England), Li-7500A CO2/H2O (LI-COR, USA) infrared gas analyzer, Li-7700 CH4 (LI-COR, USA) analyzer and Li-8100A (LI-COR, USA) soil carbon flux automatic chamber. Theultrasonic anemometer and infrared analyzer is 3 meters high. The air temperature, humidity and radiation installation height is 2 meters, the soil moisture installation depth is 10cm, and the soil temperature installation depth is 10cm, 25cm, 40cm,respectively. The data sampling frequency is 10HZ, and the average flux time is 30min. The flux began to be observed in August 4, 2017.

Principal Investigator

Haijun Peng


Station director

Haijun Peng



Bing Hong

Hu Yao

Qian Guo

Kaihui Li

Fengzhan Geng

Yuan Su

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