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 Panjin wetland ecosystem research station was founded in June ,2004.It belongs to Insititute of Atmospheric Environment ,China Meteoeological Administration(CMA). It is located in the Shuangtai Estuary National Nature Reserve,Panjin,Liaoning province(40°41′~41°27′N, 121°30′~122°30′E).


 It is under continental semi-humid monsoon climate of warm temperate zone ,with distinct seasonal variation .Mean annual temperature is about 8.6℃,with a mean minimum of -9.8℃in winter and a mean maximum of 24.4℃ in summer.Mean annual precipitation is around 631 mm with most in July and August .Annual frost-free period is about 171 d ,and mean annula sunshine duration is about 2744 h.

Vegetation and soil

 Panjin wetland is natural coastal wetland with the second area of reed in the world. It is also an important commerical grain production base of China.The dominant wetland types include reed wetland and rice paddy .Natural wetland plant communities include Phragmites australis,Suaeda heteroptera,Typha spp.,Scirpus trigueter and Calamagrostis angustifolia commimities.

Observation system

 There are three flux observation plots at Panjin station ,i.e.,natural reed,paddy rice and managed reed plots .Microclimate gradient system(3.5 m and 5 m),OPEC system (3  m) are installed in three flux plots .And a set of Li-8100 automated soil CO2 flux system is installed in the natural reed plot.

Principal Investigator

Guangsheng Zhou


Station director

Guangsheng Zhou

Assistant station director

Qingyu Jia


Li Zhou

Ye Zhang

Zhanyin Sun



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