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 The flux observation site of Shenzhen is located in Yangmei pit, Dapeng district,Shenzhen(22°32'17.11″N, 114°35'25.61″E, 35 m a.s.l). It belongs to Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Center. This site has the typical urban ecosystem in sub-tropic region.


 The climate of Shenzhen site is typical sub-tropical maritime climate with warm temperature and rich precipitation. The average annual temperature is 22.4℃ with 355d frost-free period. The annual precipitation is 1933.3 mm, the mean annual sunshine duration is 1933.9 h, the percentage of sunshine is 43.8%. The mean annual global radiation is 4759MJ/m2.

Vegetation and soil

 The vegetation is dominated by artificial and secondary forest. The soil type is latosolic red soil

Observation system

 Shenzhen Site setup with 2 OPEC systems and conventional meteorological sounding systems. The equipment of the flux observation system composed of CSAT3 three-dimensional sonic anemometer (Campbell Scientific, Inc., USA) and LI-7500 CO2/H2O infrared gas analyzer (Li-cor, Inc., USA). At the same time, this site also equip with soil temperature sensor and chamber methods system to measure soil CO2 emission .

Principal Investigator

Weimin Wang


Station director

Weimin Wang

Assistant station director



Song Ma

Wang Xu

Zhibin Zhou



Site view


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