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  Hulunber Grassland Research Station is located at Xiertala farmland (N49°19′, E119°55′, alt.628m) in Hulunber, Inner Mongolia, and in charged by Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, CAAS. The eddy tower was built at the Stipa baicalensis observation spots, where standing for the temperate meadow steppe type.


 Hulunber meadow steppe is located in gentle hilly area of the greater Khingan Range, with a temperate semi-arid continental climate characterized with a long cold winter, short cool summer, dry windy spring and fall of early frost and sudden drop in temperature. Annual average temperature is -5-0℃, with great temperature difference between day and night and large annual temperature range. The average temperature of the coldest month (January)is between -18-30℃, and that of the hottest month (July) is between 16―21℃. The accumulated temperature (≥10℃)is 1780―1820℃, frost-free period 85―155d. The precipitation is strongly heterogeneous in temporal distribution and annual precipitation is around 250―350 mm, of which 75% is assembled during the period from June to September.

Vegetation and soil

 The main zonal vegetations include Filifolium sibiricum meadow steppe, Stipa baicalensis meadow steppe, and Leymus chinensis meadow, respectively located in the upper, middle and bottom of the hills, among which Stipa baicalensis meadow steppe is the typical vegetation. Average height of the grass is about 30-50cm. The soil is chernozem or dark chestnut.

Observation system

 The eddy tower was built in 2007, which was consisted of ultrasonic anemometer (CSAT3,Campbell,USA), infrared gas analyzer (Li7500,Li-cor,USA) and datalogger (CR3000, Campbell,USA). The frequency of sampling data is 10Hz and averaged for 30min. Flux tower is 3 meters high and ultrasonic anemometer and infrared analyzer installation height is 2.2m. Net radiometer installed at 1.5m high above ground. Air temperature and humidity sensor is installed in the 2.3m above ground. Soil temperature and humidity sensor is installed in the 5cm, 10cm depth.

Principal Investigator

Xiaoping Xin


Station director

Xiaoping Xin.

Assistant station director



Baorui Chen          Xu Wang

Yonggang Zheng



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